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BF finally graduated today! He had to take 2 final exams this morning and he passed with flying colors! Now he just has to take his state board exam on May 7th and he's ready to start working. I'm thrilled for him. He's put in so much hard work and I'm so happy he's finally done with all that!!!

What good news do you all have to share? Anything wonderful happen over the weekend?


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    Yay! Congrats to your BF. What boards will he be taking?

    I'm done this week as well! And my bachelorette is it's a happy week for me.
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    Nothing spectacular happened to me this weekend, just thought Id offer congratulations to your BF! I cant wait to be done with school!

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    Congrats to your BF!!

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    DanieKADanieKA member
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    Congrats to your BF, allusive! That's so exciting! 

    As is your bachelorette, jaycee!

    No exciting news on my front. I have a second interview tomorrow for new job and that's pretty exciting, but I'm nervous. I know it's down to maybe 3 or 4 candidates (she told me at the first interview that out of around 100 applicants, they only invited about 10 percent to the initial interview, so they must have cut that down to the finalist for this one, i think). I'm trying to stay calm and confident but I just don't want to not get it and be so bummed that I was 2nd runner up. Or the 3rd or 4th choice. It sucks to not get something by thismuch.

    Otherwise, I'm in good spirits! 
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    Yay! How exciting!
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    Allusive, I'm not going to lie, I was hoping this was a "YAY, I'm ENGAGED" post.

    Congrats to your BF!!!
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    Congrats to your BF!!  And Jaycee, I hope you have a fantastic bachelorette!! 
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    Congrats to your BF! That must be an amazing feeling of accomplishment for both of you.

    I was really sick this weekend with vertigo; went to urgent care on Saturday because I couldn't stop up-chucking, and they said I have fluid in my ears. FI was a real trooper taking care of me. Needless to say I didn't get a single thing done for the wedding this weekend, but I probably did lose a few pounds since I couldn't eat. Hah.
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    Thanks Danie and Meg!

    Danie, good luck..I'm sure you will do great!
    Liv, happy anniversay!
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    I was with Peek on that one too.

    Congrats to your BF!  It must be so exciting for him to finally be done.  Nothing exciting going on here. I have a show opening Friday.  That's about it.


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    Congrats to your bf!

    I almost got all of our new landscaping done. Ill post about it later this week or next week when it is all done. Our house looks completely different on the outside now.


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    Congratulations to your bf, allusive! That's very exciting! I had a pretty lovely weekend at the beach and Bf and I are finally feeling settled since the big move, got approved for an apartment our first together and started talking pretty seriously about our engagement/marriage timelines which is always fun!
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    I love this thread of happiness! Thanks to all you lovely well-wishers. We're both really excited to move past the school phase and on to new, exciting things!

    For those hoping this was an engagement thread, i'm sorry to disappoint. Let's just cross our fingers though...I think it may be coming soon!

    Jaycee - have a happy bachelorette!

    DanieKA - Good luck with the interview. I'll be thinking of you!

    Liv - YAY for anniversaries. Three years? Whoot Whoot!

    Danser - Break a leg on opening night!

    Stina - yay for pretty landscaping. You should share some pics lady!

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    I will, its not all done yet. We need to finish getting the plants in. But this week after work we will be finishing.


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    I signed up to go back to school, lost almost two pounds, gotten into a grove of going to the gym, cut out soda almost entirely from my life (had been drinking diet stuff) got approved for some financial aid, got an oil change, new wipers, cleaned my car and made arrangements to pick up my stuff from Kansas and bring it back to Omaha!

    Sadly I also had to make arrangements to bring Bruce to my ex next month. With going back to school in June, working full time and finding time to go to the gym, I just do not have the ability to give him the attention he needs. I hope I can find a way to take him back cause the thought of not having my little fur ball around makes me cry
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    Congratulations to your BF, allusive! Very exciting! What has he been studying? What boards does he have to take yet?

    I had a thread about my Sunday morning of bad-neighbor mayhem, and I also went to a dog festival in our little downtown park to do some hobby photography/videography, something I've done scant little of lately. Dogs are the MOST fun to photograph. (And I got to pet plenty of sweet, furry friends.)
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    Congrats!!! That is so excitig! :)

    My bridal shower is this weekend :)  I am excited.
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