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My BF's Stupid Family (obviously a vent)

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Every time I am around these people I just want to shoot myself. I've really never met a group of people I get along with less. I've already posted about the racism but lately I just can't stand any of them. I hate the way they treat my BF, they constantly nag him about everything.

For example, he has recently moved back home for financial reasons it just makes sense. But his parents keep bugging him about how he has to start cooking and cleaning. Ummm...hello?! Have you met your son??? He cleans all the time and he loves to cook. His brother on the other hand always leaves a mess for other people to clean up and never cooks but I have never heard them say one word to him.

I know that doesn't even sound like that big of a deal but its insane how much they mention it (5 times in 2 hours!) and they continually bother him about picking a major which he has already done. Has his brother? no. I swear they think he is his brother, but the two are really nothing alike.

I've met his parents over a year ago and I have never heard them say one positive or encouraging thing to him its just constant nagging. They treat him like a five year old and he doesn't deserve that. His brother might (he is the most immature 21 year old I've ever met) but my BF always pays his bills on time, has no debt, and gets straight A's in school (he also pays for his own college education).

One time at their house he left a plastic cup in the living room and didn't refold up a blanket, his dad took a before (living room with cup/blanket) and after (living room without cup/blanket) picture and told him this is how the living room should look. Seriously? It was ONE time and it was just a damn cup. It took more time to take the picture than if you had just thrown the cup in the sink and folded the blanket. And I am not over-exaggerating on this.

His mom freaked out at him for going out to lunch today on his lunch break at work. Saying he shouldn't waste money on fast food and that she had made him a lunch. Her idea of lunch was half a peanut butter sandwich and he didn't ask her or tell her he wanted her to make his lunch. He is 20 years old he doesn't need or want his mom to make him lunch (he did tell her this). And he didn't go to fast food he got soup from Panera Bread which is not fast food. He doesn't even like fast food. His dad and brother went out drinking after work.

Ugh...and then she is always telling me how expensive weddings are and she would just get married at the courthouse and save the money blah blah blah. We aren't engaged, the one time he told them we were talking about marriage all they said was oh, aren't you rushing things? They got married at 18 and lived off of food stamps for 5 years. We know we aren't getting married for minimum 2 years most likely four because we want to finish school. And I would never dream of asking them for money EVER so why she feels the need to talk to me about how expensive weddings are I don't know.

I know all parents have their faults and he probably has complaints about mine too but my parents live 8 hours away and now he lives with his again. I used to really like these people but the more I get to know them the more I dislike them.

I know these are all little things but they build up and when added to the racism (which is the biggest problem I have with them) it just makes being around them for more than about an hour unbearable. And I do worry about what it will be like when we are engaged, married, and start to have children. And I've talked to my BF about all of this and he agrees with me about his parents, but they are his parents and he loves them soo...I will just deal with them and continue to be polite and smile when we are around them.

ok rant over.

Re: My BF's Stupid Family (obviously a vent)

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    *hugs* It's never fun seeing the one you love be constantly pestered about things , especially when it is just to complain. Just try to be supportive of him because it does hurt to be basically chastized by your own family that is supposed to care. I know forst hand how that is but he is very lucky to have you there with him, :)
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    *hugs* living at home after living away is really hard for everyone involved.  Is it possible that his parents are "acting out" about having a child come back and live with them?  I'm sorry his parents are such a pain :-(
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