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So You Think You Can Dance

Did anyone watch it this week besides me? Any thoughts or opinions on who the top 20? There is no one yet I really cheering for and usually there is when the pick the top 20.  I love how they say every year this will be the best season yet nad this is the strongest set of dancers we've seen.  Sometimes I wish trhey wouldjust say, it's kinda mediocre this year, we accept several dancers who have been rejected several seasons in the past...
I'm waiting for someone to make a good impression on me.

I'm looking forward to it anyways.  Hope everyone has a great Friday.  Sorry to post and run but I'm off to work, be back later! 


Re: So You Think You Can Dance

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    I'm still catching up on auditions -- I don't think the top 20 ep is available on Hulu yet.

    I haven't ever watched an entire season, but I'm subscribing on Hulu and hope they make all the episodes available there this season.

    So, that said...I do think there were some INCREDIBLE auditions and I'm really interested to see how they narrow it down!

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