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2nd wedding - want new ring unlike old ring

I'm in an interesting situation. I'm divorced, but he and I are still best friends. We just realized we were a terrible romantic couple. So I kept the ring, and actually still wear it on my right hand to remind me that making hard decisions to grow and move forward is better than staying miserable. I designed the ring. I love the ring. It's staying on my right hand. It's a really ornate hexagonal halo around a bezel set diamond. Lots of pave. Lots of millgraining and engraving. Very antique, very me.

Many years later, future Mr. and I are talking about getting married and choosing our rings. I get to design, we'll get it made, then he'll create the surprise proposal. Yay! So I want to stay with my personal style of super antique, but not go for the halo thing. Ex Mr. made a lot more money so we'll be spending less on this ring. I also want to go for color so I'm looking to a ruby or sapphire center. I have other practical considerations like low profile (I wear gloves for work a lot and am pretty active). 

So, do you have some NON-halo antique style you've seen or you have that is awesome and I should know about?

Re: 2nd wedding - want new ring unlike old ring

  • I don't know anything about antique rings, but I find it incredibly odd that you still wear your former engagement ring. I understand wanting to keep it, but it should be stashed away. I can't imagine what your husband to be thinks of you wearing a reminder of your former relationship.
  • I'm with the previous poster. I still have my wedding band and the sapphire that was never set from my prior marraige, but they are put away in a drawer for when my daughter gets older. Ticker
  • it's hard to say because there are so many kinds of antique style rings.  you might try browsing at estate sales...?

    do you have any examples of styles you like?
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    I understand I'm atypical. Future Mr. and I have a VERY open and honest relationship he feels no jealousy, only happiness at the path that brought me to the woman I am, the woman he loves. I've asked more than once if the ring bothers him, so trust me on this one.  

    About styles...I found a few pictures. This first one is really interesting but looks more like a fashion ring than engement ring. Since it's so round already I don't think I'd find a band that I like beside it. But..maybe I don't want a band. I care less about the formality, obviously! The sapphire ring has a higher profile than I'd like but the engraving is more unique than most.

    This ring (original top, bottom is my crude coloration to see how it looks with rubies right) is also really interesting. I'm kinda worried I'd bang it on stuff...but it's SO pretty.
    Picking my FAVORITE ring in the whole world is harder when I have already picked it. And I love it. And to me it doesn't represent my previous marriage it represents me making hard choices and admitting when I'm wrong about something (like getting married last time!) so I can grow. I think I'm feeling partly overwhelmed because I'm drawn to the old ring more than any new ones. I do want a new ring that symbolizes my amazing fiance/boyfriend/lover/partner...

  • I love that sapphire one. Where did you find it?
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    [QUOTE]I love that sapphire one. Where did you find it?
    Posted by somethingsilver[/QUOTE]

    <div>From Brilliant Earth. The style is Jardinire. I think if I lowered the stone as much as possible I could get the profile low enough to not snag on gloves. I really like the nature influence without being as ornate as a lot of the jewelry I'm drawn to.</div>
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    I really like the 3rd picture. As for wearing your old ering, if your FI doesn't care that's all that really matters. I kind of don't get the comment that it 'doesn't represent your ex, it represents you' though.
  • I really like your rendering of the one with the rubies in it.  I think I would like it better with sapphires, though.  Even though it's my birthstone, I'm not a big fan of ruby.
  • Have you talked to a custom jewler? I cant say enough good things about Krikawa. They will customize any prior design for you or do a custom design from scratch. They'll send you the stones over night for you to view as well. They are open honest and have great customer service. Ticker
  • The one you made with the rubies replacing the diamonds has to be my favorite. Very pretty.
    When it comes to your old ring, I understand it's your design it represents 'you' so if future Mr. is okay with it then it's your jewelry to wear.
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  • Thanks for the ideas everyone. I have worked with Greenlake Jewelry before and love them so I'll likely go back. The hard part if narrowing down what I really want and what represents my amazing relationship with future Mr.

    The last ring you linked Nik jumps out for me. I love that the center stone is bezel (so it doesn't get caught on things) and it has a strong floral motif. 

    Getting to pick anything I want is so overwhelming and exciting!
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