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Feeling frustrated and a bit worried

CN - BF and I have 42 days to be out of our apartment and not a clue where to move. Many troubles have been had with finding a new place and it's making me anxious.

BF and I are looking to move to a new apartment. Our current lease is up on 4/30 and our notice to vacate is due 3/30. We haven't found many good options due to location and price. I'm being a little picky this time around with what amenities I want included. For example, I really don't want to go without in-unit laundry. We plan on staying at the next apt for about 2 years, before considering buying a house (assuming I have a ring, because I'd rather at least be engaged when signing a mortgage, which BF is fully aware of). I'm over paying $3/load for an additional 2 years, not to mention never being able to do laundry when I want, since the W/D are always being used.

I'd also like is more space. We currently have a one bedroom. We both agree that a place with at least a den would be ideal to allow for an extra sitting room/video game room. Currently, for a 1 bedroom/1.5 bath we are paying $810/month. This includes pet rent, heat, and one garage spot. It's a very reasonable price, but there are a number of reasons we want to move - space, laundry, noise level (apt faces busy street), poor management, BUGS!! We moved in last spring and all the way up til winter, we were killing at least a handful of bugs every day. Had the apartment sprayed four times, which seemed to make the problem worse. I'm NOT dealing with that again, since the weather is getting warmer. Imagine getting ready for bed and finding a bug on your pillow. Disgusting.

Another problem we are running into is that many apartment complexes require your cats to be declawed, which I refuse to do. My cats have this horrible habit of darting out our door at every chance they get. If they were to ever get lost outside, I'd feel horrible if they didn't have a way to defend themselves or hunt for food.

I'm really frustrated, sick of trying to find something, and worried that we'll end up rushed into a place that is less than ideal. I don't want that again.

Side note - we are also open to duplex or side-by-side rentals, so I've been checking craigslist daily. No luck.
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