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budget beach ceremony advice in southern california

Hey everyone! I just moved to southern California with my fiancee because he got accepted to medical school out here. We are in the market to find a budget beach wedding venue. Of course, as soon as I typed that into google, about a gazillion sites came up. Its all so confusing! I just want to find a place that is gorgeous and lower in budget. We will only be having about 25 people at the wedding. I am not a fan of doing it at a public park, solely based on the fact that its public- people and their dogs/children could be in the pictures/background causing distractions. Plus, I'd like to avoid the gawking. Does anyone have any suggestions on a nice place to get married on the beach in SoCal? Please help!!! :)

Re: budget beach ceremony advice in southern california

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    I would suggest posting this on the Local Boards to the left. The Orange County Board isn't super active, but I remember reading some posts about beach weddings so I'm sure you can find some on there. I don't know of any private areas on the beach here, but some of the other girls on there might know.

    ETA: LINK to a beach post on the OC boards.


  • Yeah, the So Cal board is dead.  We looked at Hotel Laguna and you can get married on the beach and the reception was decently reasonable.

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