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Should I still go? WR- Venue Related

Okay, I had booked a walk-through of a wedding venue yesterday for Thursday. The plan was for FI and I to meet my mother there (since she wanted to be included) and to check it out together. Well FI just got assigned a large project at work and they revoked his pre-approved 2 hour leave (he gets out later than I do, and its an hour drive away), so I was just going to take lots of pictures, and if I really loved the place, he and I would make the drive again. Then, today, my mother calls and cancels on me. I guess my little sister's prom dress isn't working for her anymore, so they are going to go try on new ones (I guess her prom is this weekend? A little early no?). While I'm not upset, these things come up, I am just wondering if I should call the venue and reschedule for another day - next week could probably work - or if I should just go alone. The idea of going alone kind of stinks to be honest. It is my first venue to actually look at, and I was kind of relying on having the opinion of others too (especially FI's).

So what would you do?
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