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Hi Ladies!

So I am kind of lost on what songs to have playing for when mom/grandparents, bridal party, and me and my dad walk in. What songs are you using?  I know that I def. don't want here comes the bride! LOL!


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    We used the same song for parents and BMs (4 couple of parents, 2 BMs, RB/FG, as well as my bro escorting my niece/FG).  They processed to "Reverie" Debussy.

    My father and I processed to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" Bach.
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    I haven't given a thought to our wedding party/parents entrance, but I'm walking down with my father to a instrumental version of Coldplay's Yellow:

    That's a sample, I had the guy who recorded it send me the full length version.

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    The parents and Bridal Party are walking into songs by the group Alathea (they are playing at the ceremony).  The songs are "My Family" and "Always".  They have the songs on iTunes.  My dad and I are walking into "Horizons" by Genesis (but the girls from Alathea are redoing it to fit the style of the wedding and the instruments that they have!)

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    I haven't thought about the wedding party music at all, I do know that there will be music lighlty playing as guests come in.  There will be a pause, where there will be silence.....then the music for my FI parents and my mom to come in with (unless I have both my parents walk me down the ailse).  My dad I will be coming down the ailse to God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton.  The processional will be to I Swear by John Michael Montgomery.
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    I only know what I'm walking to . Its "telling the world" by Taio Cruz. I am in love with tthat song
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    I am having a church wedding and have restrictions on the songs we can use because of that.  The parents are walking in to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire (that is when the mom's will light the candle and the ushers will pull the runner).  My FH, bridesmaids (I have 8!), and the FG and RB are walking down to Canon in D which is my favorite song!  I am walking in to Trumpet Voluntary which is the same song Princess Kate walked down the aisle to.
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