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Have you ever figured out how to shake it after getting dosed?  I cannot wake up.  This is not good.
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    You mean after being glutened? God, it's a days long process. Mostly I completely avoid anything that wasn't made by me and eat either whole foods or certified gluten free only. Super celiac carefulness. Lots of water and, you know, curling up into a ball and crying a little. Or a lot. Depends on how glutened I was.

    And for other GI symptoms, I just roll with whatever it's causing. Diarrhea, I take Immodium as directed. Constipation, I take Senokot. Gas, I torture Tyler.

    ETA: OH, and for nausea, my favorite thing is Nauzene ( ). I've never found anything that works better and faster.

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    My biggest issue is the exhaustion.  For some reason, I am so exhausted I'm unable to function.  Which I'm sure my boss doesn't appreciate, but damn, I cannot focus on this shiit today  to save my life.

    And then the fact that my muscles seem to turn to lead.  It makes no sense.
    I french with my man
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    I get super anemic during bouts which makes me extremely tired as well. If I feel like I've been glutened, I start taking prenatal vitamins because they cover all of the causes of anemia. I also drink tea with ginseng in it for a more natural energy boost.

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