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We went ring shopping!

My boyfriend and I have talked about what ring I want before, but yesterday we just kind of ended up in Zales, and I tried on an absolutely beautiful princess solitare with side accents. It just looked so pretty on my finger, and even he got a little awed by how it looked. Ahhh! I want it!

I'm hoping it means it will be soon! We talk about what kind of wedding/honeymoon we want, and we've practically set a date... and after we saw that ring, he got really quiet, which usually means he's processing something big... but on the down-side, I'm usually the one that brings these topics up, but he willingly joins in. What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and let myself be excited?


Re: We went ring shopping!

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    I would say be cautiously optimistic. You know its coming, but you shouldn't stress about it or pressure him about it. Enjoy the fact that your relationship has gotten to the ring shopping/marriage talk point and leave it alone for now. :)
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    Don't get too excited, Fi and I went ring shopping months before he proposed, we continued ring shopping agfter he had already bought the ring.

    Fi had the ring for a year before he proposed.... let it be a surprise and enjoy the dating relationship right now.
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    Let yourself be excited if it won't drive you crazy . BF & I looked at rings over 2 years ago. We have open communication so I know why there isn't one yet but since you're always the one who has to bring up the conversations that might not be the case for you.
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    Button is wise, young grasshopper.  Listen to her wisdom.

    And be excited just don't get your hopes up.  Sometimes men are tricky!

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