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UPDATE from last week and WR checks!!!

I've been completely MIA for this past week and it's finally time for an update!!  Short version - bachelorette party complete and bridesmaid dresses ordered!!

From last week:
Thursday - Picked up BM D at airport.  She lives in Mississippi.  Shopped.  Dined.  Giggled.  Picked up BM C at airport.  She lives in New Mexico.  Giggled more until we all fell asleep.
Friday - Early morning hike.  Early lunch.  Mani-Pedis.  Picked up BM-FSIL-D and went to bridal salon #1.  Found 3 out of 4 dress possibilities but nothing they loved.  Went to estate that the entire bachelorette group rented for the weekend.  MOH and the other girls were there.  Proceeded to eat, drink, get made-up, play games, and again, giggled until we all feel asleep exhausted!!
Saturday - Wine tasting!!  Fancy dinner out followed up with dancing.  I think that's where I lost my voice.  More games ALL DAY LONG!!!
Sunday - Massages!!  We had people come to do the house to do massages.  Spent the day by the pool and in the jacuzzi.  More drinking and eating.  More games.  All the girls LOVED their champagne glasses.  (and yes, I need to post photos of the final project!)
Monday - MOH, all three BMs and I went to two more bridal salons and a nice lunch.  Found dresses at salon number three.  CHECK!!!  (and yes, I need to post those photos as well!)  Spent the afternoon figuring out our special girls entrance for the wedding and some other WR stuff.  Special entrances are one of our top secrets so I won't be posting here about them until later!
Tuesday - Took BM C to airport.  Shopped with BM D for shoes and pashminas and other fun things.  Found pashminas for us all for the wedding - CHECK!!
Wednesday - Took BM D to airport.  Finally home to FI.  Saw him this morning and can't believe how much we missed each other.  I'm gone all the time for work but somehow we missed each other way more than usual.  BM D and I also started working on our Bridal Biggest Loser contest details . . . game ON!!!

Anyway, so that's my week.  Back to my regular irregular schedule starting tomorrow and am headed straight into an insane weekend at work.  *sigh*  Would rather just have fun girls time ALL the time. 

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