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Flower girl bouquet

This is probably a silly question, but does my flower girl need a bouquet as well? She woldn't be carrying it down thw aisle, obviously, but for the pictures?

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Re: Flower girl bouquet

  • My Flower Girl will toss rose petals for the ceremony and then have a bouquet for the pictures.  Main reason is because I think her hands will be a awkward in the pictures.  Knowing my niece (FG), she will be playing with her hands or keep touching her hair and who knows what else, this way her hands are occupied. Hope this helps!-Cindy
  • Nope.  She can carry a basket, a pomander, a bouquet, a teddy bear, a doll, a book, a fan, a cute little purse, or anything else that suits your fancy.
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  • Well, she doesn't NEED anything, even to walk down the aisle.  If you want her to be holding something in pictures, go for it.
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  • What is she carrying down the aisle?  If she's carrying a basket of petals wouldn't she just hold the basket in the pics?  That's what I've seen done. 
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  • She is carrying a basket, so that will probably be okay if she just carries that for the pictures.
    Thanks guys!
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