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HELP! I'm being proposed to!!


Re: HELP! I'm being proposed to!!

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    [QUOTE]Girl, please. Drink a glass of wine, You do not know what you are going to do til the time comes. Carrying tissues is a bit over board and he will think you are crazy. Don't psyche yourself up and it does not happen. I cried when I got my ring and it was genuine. He spent A LOT of planning and money for when he did it,
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    Because God forbid he spent anything less than 2 carats.
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    Hrm.. well, I'm not one to judge age differences (I once had a 12 year gap between myself and a former boyfriend). Being that I was 18 (read: not ready to be married or have kids) and he was ready for that life, it didn't work out. A few years after I ended it, I ran in to him and his baby. He got married and started a family, just like he had been wanting to do. Even though he had told me that he wanted me to be his wife and the mother of his children, I truly think that mostly all he wanted was to be married and to be a father.

    So OP: make sure you are ready. Have a long engagement. Take note of any red flags in your relationship (related to the age gap or otherwise). Also, since it is Sunday night here in Victoria: did he propose to you already?

    Desert: 19 is the legal age to drink here in Canada, except Quebec and Alberta where it is 18. :) Although Albertans are crazy (I'm pretty sure kids can drive at 14!)
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    Aside from the age thing, which gets major side-eye, my advice would be in anecdotal form:

    My FI and I and two of our best friends went to Disney last year.  He took my ring with him (and I knew he had it because I had noticed it was missing from the dresser where it normally sat) and fully intended to propose while we were there, but we never had any free time because we were running around like crazy.  The weekend came and went with no proposal, and he proposed the following week on a random Wednesday in our house.

    Moral of the story:  even if you KNOW it is going to happen, be prepared for it NOT to happen so you won't ruin your trip.
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    Thanks everyone! To people concerned about the age difference, thank-you for the concern, I totally get why it raises eyebrows. For all the advice about proposal- it really helped.

    I decided against the camera crew and the lingerie, but I definitely got all pretty and gave myself a manicure/pedicure ;) Also, tissues!!

    I couldn't find this thread to update (eep, newb) so go here for a lil update:
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