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Good afternoon, may be TK won't eat this post.

I'm eating lunch right now.  TK reallly sucks I know, I'm a bit determined to keep posting though. 

How is everyone's day? Anything exciting going on?  Most of my systems at work have been down today so doing work has been hard, they just came up about 20 minutes ago.  After work I get to pick up my new car.   I'm still trying to pick out a name for it.  I'm between Molly and Maggie....


Re: Good afternoon, may be TK won't eat this post.

  • I vote....Molly!

    And yea, TK is kinda driving me nuts lately.  It's amazing that people this incompetant get to keep their IT jobs.

    School is over for the week, so I get some relaxation.  I was super busy this whole week for some reason.
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  • I really wonder what is going on over in their IT department. I don't see how people are keeping their jobs,,,,

    I think I like Molly too.  Yay that's definitely school is done for the week!


  • I vote Molly, too. It has a lot of spunk! What kind of car did you get?

    First day back after vacation. I had unreliable computer access while I was gone, even though I was just at my parents' house & SO's parents' house. I was all excited to catch up on TK posts. I should know better by now how hungry TK gets... 

    Anyway, I'm completely exhausted, since I had a three-hour drive back after my mom's retirement party last night, but I'll get through it. I'm thrilled with how Mom's party turned out & sooooo happy she is finally retired, at 63, after 41 years of teaching. I also saw SO almost every day of the trip, which took some doing because we were at our respective parents' house (50 minutes apart) & busy with respective family events. We braved the miserable STL heat for a huge art fair Monday, and I got one of the top three worst sunburns I've ever had (apparently I did not choose a sweatproof sunscreen), although it will look hawt once it browns out.

    Also? Said miserable heat Monday has since turned into 55 degrees today. Oh, the Midwest. 
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  • I really think the car is going to be named Molly, that seems to be the top choice. 

    I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation, spent time with your BF.  That is great you were able to be at your mom's retirement party. Lots of aloe for the sunburn. 


  • Molly for sure. What kind of car is it? We're looking into a Kia Forte
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