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When FI thought his crappy day was over....

This happened.... (THUNK!!!!!!!)

We laughed until we nearly peed our pants.

It's literally holding over a ton of rock. What's he supposed to do other than shovel some of it into the yard and have me sit on the high end? I smell a good time coming our way. Who wants to watch?

Re: When FI thought his crappy day was over....

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    becunning2becunning2 member
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    Hehe, at least you can laugh about it. :)
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    lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    Oh L0rd, Did it pull the whole hitch out of the vehicle?

    I'd call AAA and see what they would do. LOL. "HI...Triple A? I have an's on the side of the road."
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    csousa1csousa1 member
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    Oh no! I'm glad you guys have such a great sense of humor over it, though. Some laughter in the current situation is definitely a good thing :)
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