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HELP!!! How to involve my brothers...

My fiance and I are struggling to figure out how to involve my 9 year old twin brothers in our wedding. The wedding ceremony itself is going to be very small, with just parents, grandparents, and siblings, and we have two attendants each. I want my brothers to be involved in some way because I have basically raised them, but I'm not sure what to do. My father is walking me down the aisle, and having them as ushers seems useless since there are only about twenty people attending the wedding. We have toyed with the idea of ringbearers instead of a flower girl and ringbearer, but we thought that might look odd since it is such a small wedding.  Any ideas would be appreciated! I want them to feel involved because they are a huge part of my life.

Re: HELP!!! How to involve my brothers...

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    I'd still let them be ushers.  20 guests or 100~it would still be nice to include your little brothers.
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    Even though they're only 9, they could do readings.
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    What about having them walk your mom down the isle.. unless your having your husband to be do that. But they can then stand up on each side of your guest isles at the front. Not so much where your wedding party will be but on the other side of the isles...

    My fiance was an usher and him and the other usher stood at the front of the church by each wall... the bride and groom wanted them to be seen as important people just like their couples they had standing up.

    I hope I explained it well.
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    they could roll out the aisle runner for you to walk down,
    or you and your bridal party to walk down...
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    Put them in a tux and let them stand next to you on your wedding day.  If they are that important, give them a wedding party role.  Also, I think at 9 they might be too old for a "baby" job like a ring bearer.

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    you say ushers would be useless, but i think if you had a useful job you actually needed filled you wouldn't be having this problem. i want to include my baby cousin (
    will be 9...not such a baby anymore) and my fiance's little brothers (will be 8,9, and 10) and i think we will have them be "ushers". i think it will be so cute to have them escorting people to their seats! and if they get tired or bored they can just kind of stop and it won't be a big deal.
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    Thanks everyone! The problem with ushers is we thought that with so few people, we wouldn't need ushers. The more I think about it, though, I like the idea of them being ushers, even with so few people. It would get them involved and it would be super cute. 
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