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Ceremony on the sand but, I need a floor cover!

My fiance and I are planning our wedding at the W hotel in South Beach, Miami. We chose this location for the beautiful venue and of course to take advantage of the beach! When we were first showed the venue we instantly fell in love all over again =) minus the court yard area which had no view of the beach at all! =( So, we opted for a ceremony at night on the sand. We loved the beautiful view of the ocean but, the sand not so much. I want to wear pretty shoes and do not want my guests sinking like quick sand in the chairs. Our wedding is going to be a formal event so the sand is something we would like to see but, not step in at all. I was thinking about a plexiglass cover for the sand while the ceremony is taking place but cannot seem to find a vendor for this only for pool coverings. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Ceremony on the sand but, I need a floor cover!

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    Maybe you should look for a location with a deck overlooking the beach instead. I can't imagine having a ceremony on the beach where you put something between you and the sand.
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     Yes, It does make it very hard for all individuals to walk on the sand. That is another reason why the sand covering seems so necessary. I actually have found some plexiglass pool covering that I might be able to use to cover the sand for the ceremony. :)

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    I know, Its silly to have a beach ceremony without the sand but, I couldn't seem to find a venue with all the things we wanted. :( I have found some plexi glass options for the beach which would be a nice alternative seeing as how the sand would still be visible through the plexi =)

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