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Fun Socks & Underoos

Okay, so El's post got me thinking. The only real clothing gift my family/his family buys me are sweatshirts (i'm a hoodieaholic), and pj pants (think VS boyfriend pants)... and fun socks. I have an addiction. Since I've moved to MI, during the fall/winter, my feet are never warm... and I think plain old white socks are boring - so I buy fun patterned/colored/toe socks to make the gray winter days a little less so. Does anyone else do that?

Also, and if this is TMI feel free to say so, but I am gonna ask anyways :-P

Your choice for you?
BF's choice for you?

Your choice for BF?
BF's choice for BF?

I know, I know...totally random and perhaps a bit odd, but ...I blame El...she got my brain going lol

Re: Fun Socks & Underoos

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    peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 member
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    I'll bite.  I'm pretty shameless :)

    I prefer thongs for me, as does FI.  Although if we're talking about what I'm sleeping in, we both prefer me to be naked :)

    As for FI - I would like to see him wear some real underwear, not the stupid soccer shorts as underwear (he feels the need to either wear two pairs of those under his pants OR a pair of boxer briefs, a pair of soccer shorts, and then pants.  Can't we just keep it to underwear and pants?!?!)  He is just weird.  And for the sleeping part - he's super self conscious, and so he prefers to sleep in shorts and an undershirt, I prefer him naked.  Or at least shirtless :)
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    polkadot111polkadot111 member
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    Your choice for you?
    Honestly, right now I'm not wearing any underwear. O!!!!!! It's only because I took off my uncomfortable swimsuit I was wearing at camp, and didn't have any underwear with me, so I just went without it. But still.... hahaha. Normally I prefer cute underwear. I'm not a thong wearer, ever.  I normally sleep in underwear and a tank top.

    BF's choice for you? He hates my grandma underwear, which I have a few pairs of. But they're soooo comfy! 

    Your choice for BF? I like boxers. I wish he wouldn't sleep in his old gross things, but that's what he likes, so whatever.
    BF's choice for BF? He likes boxers.
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    lilphillips14lilphillips14 member
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    I'm personally a boy shorts or bikini girl. Cotton panties all the way. I've even been known for some granny panties. I have a lot to cover, and I don't like wedgies.

    BF likes boxer briefs.

    I'm pretty sure Nick likes my choice of underwear. He doesn't really care what I wear, as long as I take it off regularly. Wink

    I would prefer him in boxers, but as long as he's not wearing a thong or a jockstrap, I'm happy.
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    I like just normal girly undies (not granny panties :P) or girl boxers.  At night though, we sleep in the nude.  So much nicer as our apartment gets super warm at night.  I thnk BF prefers the silky underwear I have, but I haven't really asked.  He doesn't like thongs because he can't understand how I can wear it without feeling really uncomfortable all day.
    I prefer BF in boxers, but not the huge ones that go almost to his knees or anything.  I like them when they are shorter and um, tighter.  They emphasize ... things.  He seems to also be most comfortable in these :D
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    Your choice for you? I have all kinds! I'm not picky and have the tendency to go buy the 5/$25 deals at VS EVERYTIME I go to the mall. I also only buy VS undies. I just realized I'm a pantie snob.....
    BF's choice for you? He loves boyshorts. He's a butt guy. Also, he really hates all lace underwear. He doesn't like the way it looks/likes the surprise of not being able to see everything all the time. 
    Your/BF's choice for BF? He wears boxer briefs and I really like those. I like how they aren't super tight or super loose. I can see everything I like. ;)
    I saw someone bring up sleepwear... He likes just boxer briefs and loves when I just wear boyshorts and a really soft t-shirt. Neither of us like to sleep naked.  

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    marleylikeairmarleylikeair member
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    Irish, if your feet are always cold, take it from this newly-minted Minnesotan: get yourself some SmartWool socks.

    Srsly. They are awesome. :)

    I wear a combination of comfy but cute low-rise panties and thongs when I feel like it. BF loves the little lacy thongs. As for him, he's a boxer guy. Patterns usually, not solid or white. I'm good with that.
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    chaysefaithchaysefaith member
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    I'm a huge fan of cheekies, I could seriously never wear any other style ever again and be perfectly comfortable while still feeling sexy.  I'm not picky about fabric, but I do have a tendency to rip lice panties when I pull them up so I try to stay away from them...but BF LOVES lace so staying away from them is hard.  He also is a huge fan of thongs.  I didn't own a single one before we started dating, but he has bought me a colorful aray of them and I try to oblige him and wear them occasionally.  I just feel like I have too much going on back that and thongs don't do me any justice.  But he loves 'em, so I suck it up for him.  I'm also a panty snob and only wear VS. 

    BF wears boxer briefs and I love them.  They just look so sexy.  Whenever he walks around in just his underwear I wanna jump him every time I look at him.  Especially when he wears his gray ones from American Eagle...yummmmm!
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