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A real person, a lot like you.

I accidentally stumbled across this video on YouTube while looking over some of my favorite YouTubers and got curious, so I watched it. It's short, but true in many ways. I think a lot of people get ballzy when they're using a computer to confront someone. We feel "safe" on this end of the monitor, and that we can say exactly what's on our minds with no regrets.

Re: A real person, a lot like you.

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    Wow. I really liked that. It was insightful in pointing something out that we should realize anyways. Thanks for sharing!
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    I think people should have a strong enough sense of self worth to not let jackass interent strangers impact them to an extent that they are spending a weekend in bed.

    I also think people are too concerned with being "nice."

    I've recently come to realize that my family has this idea that if you tell someone what you think or ask them for something, and it hurts their feelings, that makse YOU a bad person. Which is crazy. If I tell my brother that I don't want him announcing the sex of my child on facebook, and his feelings are hurt, that doesn't make me a bad sister or a bad person. It makes me someone who isn't afraid to be clear about what I want from other people. It actually means I am a strong, independent person, and that is something I should be PROUD of. It is OKAY for me to not want someone else talking about MY personal business in public.

    Yes, it is important to treat others with respect and courtesy. I absolutely agree with that. I am a religious about basic courtesies like saying please and thank you and holding the door open for the person behind me. I smile at people all the time. I am genuinely a NICE person who has more than once been described as "sweet."

    But that doesn't mean I sit back and let people talk down to me, or disrespect me, or that I hide my own needs and feelings b/c I'm afraid that people won't like me or will think I'm "not nice."

    We need to teach people how to communicate effectively, and how to be strong, independent individuals, who ALSO treat others with respect, compassion, and kindness. BOTH are equally important, and it just pisses me off when people go on and on about the importance of being "nice" without considering the flip side, which is UNhealthy denial of the self in order to meet some kind of idealized "niceness" standard.

    We need to find a balance between respecting ourselves and respecting others.


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    Desert FTW!  And Desert I love you and your ideas.  Desert for President!  <3
    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

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    Lets get some of those guys to send me an e-mail or two. I promise I do not blow off a single e-mail from any guy that sends one to me!
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