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Is it wrong...

That it's 12:30 on a Friday and I'm pretty much checking out for the week? I hadn't intended to check IN in the first place, but had something that HAD to be done. But it is a beautiful day here and I just don't feel like working anymore. In fact, I would like a beer.

Re: Is it wrong...

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    It is after noon there. 
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    You can justify it by saying it's 1:44 p.m. in Nova Scotia...?

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    It's always 5:00 somewhere!

    I wish I had a little captain to spice up this diet coke sitting here on my desk. If I could check out early I totally would. I think you should since it sounds like you had a rough week with being sick and all. Take some time off/ to yourself!
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  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    Hmmm, I think I checked out about 10 minutes after I got to work. So you're going strong at staying together through lunch ; )
  • callmepriscallmepris member
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    I'm pretty much bored outta my mind here at work. I would love to leave for the day. However, the boss is out, and the office is running with a 'bare bones' kind of staff.
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