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Learning to be patient...

My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for a few months now. The 21st was our 9 months. Yes we have only been dating 9 months, its one of those relationships where you just know this is who you want to be with forever. Anyways it was early in the morning and we drove past a the jewelry store. He said, "darn they are closed" I took and quick look and said who is closed? He said the jewelry store. I said what the hell did you want to go to the jewelry store for. He replied with, to get you a ring silly. He was ready right then and there to pop the question! We've been wanting to wait till our 1 year but neither of us can hardly wait anymore. So a few days later we went and looked at the rings that he had picked out. He had picked out the perfect ring! We picked out the diamond, sized it, and it would be ready in a few days.

The day came and it was ready to be picked up there was some confusion between the two of us on who should pick it up. He ended up leaving work to go and get it (I didn't find this out till later) Anyways he thought he had pissed me off and he hadn't, and I thought he was going to pop the question right away. He was ready on the spot a few days ago so why not right? Well he didn't and its been about a week and its driving me nuts! When we went to go pick them out I asked if it was selfish of me to want it for thanksgiving so that I can show it off to my 93 yr old grandpa who was coming over to help celebrate our first thanksgiving in our new house. He said no not at all.  Well he took that as I wanted to show it off in the box... HOPES UP and back down.

How have the rest of you handled the long wait knowing he has the ring. Oh and the ring is soooo sitting on his desk. So every time I walk past his desk I see it and imagine it on my finger. I really don't care much about the ring that's just an added bonus. I JUST WANT HIM TO ASK ME ALREADY! He has asked if I want to be MRS...... and I've said he's he just needs to make it official.

Re: Learning to be patient...

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    Where to begin...

    1)You have been dating less than a year.  You have plenty of time.  Don't worry about when - many women around here, myself included, have waiting five to ten years.

    2) Let him surprise you.  If you harp on it you won't enjoy it.

    3) If he's leaving it out other bother you he's a bleep-hole who doesn't deserve your time.

    4) I really hope this is MUD.

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    this is what i posted on your thread in the "just engaged" section:

    you could just ask him, girl! this IS the 21st century. ;)  
    i asked my boyfriend and it went fabulously. we couldn't be happier. when you're guy can't work up the nerve to do it but you both know if it's a set deal, you just need to take the initiative! you're entering a partnership right?  forget the old cliché.  you can still have a beautiful, special, memorable, romantic proposal if you do the asking.
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    Ok, I have been lurking on this board for awhile and I always find these sort of situations very confusing - you say he has asked you if you want to be "Mrs. (I assume his last name) " and the two of you picked out and bought a ring together, which he is not hiding away somewhere. Why does this not count as being engaged? And how much more official will it be when he asks you in a more traditional/romantic/dramatic way?

    I ask this as a genuine question, not to be rude or anything, because it seems like lots of people experience a post-ring waiting game - what exactly is the second round of asking if you want to marry him for?
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    i'm assuming here, that ur bf is the one who wants to do the asking... you need to chill, at this point you know it's going to happen, so relax a little and let him do it right.
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    I agree with Kailss. Just sit back and chill. It will happen when he's good and ready. Hopefully then it will be a surprise. Obviously he's gonna do it soon since he has the ring already.
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    I agree with pps.

    I have a sneaking suspision my BF went and bought a ring and has had it for sometime. We have talked about marriage a lot recently so the waiting game was on.

    Just be patient and let him do it on his time.
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    Oh please let this be MUD

    Learning to be patient and it's only been a week??


    You only want the ring so you can show it off?

    Are you even old enough to buy alcohol?
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    Really? It's only been a week and you are that impatient?

    Can't wait for Acro to come in and read this since her ring sat on her dresser for over a year before her fiance proposed.
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