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An Overrated New Year's

Some of you probably know exactly this feeling.

New Year's is just overrated when you're miles away from your SO.

Re: An Overrated New Year's

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    I know the feeling. I went out with friends and had an okay time but I wish I could've spent it with BF.

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    New Years is overrated when your boyfriend goes to bed early after spending days teasing you about how you won't make it to midnight.  And he went to sleep at 11:30!  AND I didn't get to open my nice bottle of wine! least I spent the day having fun on my new Zelda game.
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    I spent NYE apart from my BF as well, we were apart last year too, and working through some issues at the time as well, which I think made that harder.  He's a Firefighter and worked NYE both years. 

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