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Language barrier

It just dawned on me, a good chunk of FI's family speak Spanish. How is this handled?

Re: Language barrier

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    Um, Rosetta Stone?

    I'm not sure what your question actually is.
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    Your ceremony program could have the English word for bridesmaid, then the Spanish equivalent... and if you print any scriptures, poems, readings, have both English and Spanish versions of those printed in the program.  

    As far as invitations... if you know that they absolutely cannot speak any English and won't understand a traditional invite, then you could order the invites you'll need with Spanish translations.

    As far as learning a new language... Rosetta Stone is a really good user-friendly program for adult-language-learners. 

    If you are thinking about the ceremony speakers, if you want, you could have both an English-speaking officiant and a translator if it is that important that the other guests understand each word.  My guess is that even though it's in another language, they'll get the gist of what is going on without a translator. 

    I tackled as much of the translation question as I think I can without any additional info from OP. 
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    Yes, I meant as far as the ceremony goes. I know some of them speak both, I just thought maybe someone else had come across this and might have some suggestions, or if it is ok to just have the ceremony in English. We are not making programs, but will definitely have to get some invites done in Spanish.
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    Have invites/STDs in english and spanish. EVERYTHING doesn't have to be in both, but enough to get the point across. Try to have an officiant that speaks english and spanish. Again, everything doesn't have to be in both but enough that everyone knows what's going on. My sister had one of my aunt's do a reading in english and one of her husbands aunt's do a reading in spanish. When the best man gave his speech he did some in english, some in spanish (his took forever!). Most of her husbands family spoke no or very little english and it worked out well.
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    I get what you're saying.  Talk to your FI and his family about this.  If a big chunk of them speak Spanish and not English, you may want to consider a bilingual program, or doing some of the readings in both languages, or translating your vows in a Spanish program, or something else.  

    My H's family is all Spanish speaking, and we talked about this.  It turned out that pretty much everyone from his side that came were bilingual, so it was a moot point, but we considered several options.  
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    If you're worried about a REALLY long ceremony (like doing everything twice, once in  English and once in Spanish) but still want spanish-only speakers to be able to understand something, maybe you could do elements in spanish, like a reading or a song or something.

    Are you doing pretty traditional vows? I don't know what marriage look like in your FI's culture, but if I saw the part in a wedding where the officiant was saying something and the bride and groom repeat it back, I could pretty much tell you exactly what was being said, even if the vows were in Mandarin.

    I don't see how this would work, but I think it would be really cool to have the officiant read the vows off and you repeat them back--but the officiant be speaking spanish and you English.
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    We are doing our ceremony in english except we will have some translation on the program for both spanish and english. We are having a scripture read in spanish and then in english and my FI (the latino) will have his vow read to him in english, but he is going to repeat them back in spanish. You can do it however you are most comfortable!
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    My MOH did the vows in both languages when she got married. 

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    Besides what was already mentioned maybe do some of the ceremony in english and some in spanish?  My FI and I are planning on having most of the ceremony in english and then when we say our own vows (we are writing them) we are doing them mostly in english and including some japanese.... such as I love you in japanese and other phrases.
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