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Prayer of the Faithful and Presentation of Gifts

HELP! My fiance and I have decided to keep our wedding party small, and will just include immediate family. Since I will not be having my friends in my wedding party, I would like to include them all in our full service Catholic mass. In total, I have 5 friends from childhood and 4 friends from college that I would like to participate. The two readings will be covered by two girls.

My question is, can I have three girls read the Prayer of the Faithful and four girls present the gifts, or is that too many people for those two roles?

Re: Prayer of the Faithful and Presentation of Gifts

  • The two girls who are doing the readings....are they from your childhood group of 5?  If they are, I would have the remaining 3 participate by having one read the general intercessions, and the other two bring up the offertory gifts.  

    There are generally only 4 or 5 intercessions, and for three people to "rotate" in and out of them seems very clumsy and awkward.  I would try to limit the participants to the childhood group, and leave the college friends honored simply as guests.  
  • "Guest" is also an honor. I am not Catholic, but 7 people to do two things does sound like too many.
  • I went to Catholic school and during weekly Mass the younger kids got excited to line up 5 deep and take turns reading one of the intercessions/petitions. I got that image when you described your idea. I agree with PP- limit it to one group or the other. Being invited as a guest is an honor. 
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  • 3 people reading the intercessions definitely reminds me of elementary school when they tried to give the entire class roles in the Mass. Also I think 4 people is too many for the gifts during a wedding ceremony, since you will only need one person to carry the wine and one to carry the hosts, unlike a regular Mass where one or two people also bring up the collection basket. 

    I know you want to include everyone, but being a guest is also including them. 
  • One girl for the reading is from childhood, the other from college. My college friends introduced me to my fianc, they were friends with him before me, so it is important that they have a part. My childhood friends are very close to me too. Maybe I will ask some to do programs
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:e2ab0926-776b-451f-a847-2f2ce750bca3Post:07867953-0dc6-4e42-bc14-0bbfc2176802">Re: Prayer of the Faithful and Presentation of Gifts</a>:
    [QUOTE]I've never seen more than one person read the Prayers of the Faithful. We only had two people bring up the gifts (one for bread, one for wine). Some of the women on the Catholic board said they had more than that. Personally, I would feel awkward with two people holding the flagon of wine or the plate of bread.<strong> I would not suggest asking friends to hand out programs or inviting the guests to sign the guest book. These are unnecessary roles that take away from your guests enjoying themselves</strong>.
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    This, so much. It's not an honor to be put to work at a wedding. Allow them to come and enjoy. Maybe reserve them some seats up close? Again, being a guest in an honor in itself.
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  • Thank you ladies
  • i would also just check on what your parish requiremetns are in terms of the parties faith - if htey arent catholic, the priest may not even allow them to bring up the gifts or do readings, or he may simply require that they be christian/believers.
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