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WR: Invitations?

So we're starting to think about designing our invites. What are the absolute minimum parts necessary for it? The invitation itself and a response card+envelope? Should the response envelope be pre addressed and stamped?

Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing, how much did you spend on invites? I was just browsing Vistaprint and their "complete set" for 100 guests in around $500. I don't it doesn't have to end up being that much depending on how we do it, but that seems like a lot.
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Re: WR: Invitations?

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    Not including postage, I've spent about 100 on invites. Mine are three pieces invite, RSVP card, and info card and have fabric backings. Buying them already made would probably have cost close to 600, so I'm saving a lot by making smart use of vistaprint groupons and doing the legwork myself. I'm happy to share tips if you'd like. I'm really happy with how mine are coming together, and they're genuinely unique. And yes, you should include a SASE in all of your invites.
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    We're not really into fancy invitations, but we used the Vistaprint Groupon $17 for $70 deal and also bought the custom Christmas cards instead of custom invitations (they're the same thing if we upload our own design), so we spent like $50 maybe for 130 invites and response cards? I can't remember. FI even designed it himself. VP has deals all the time for half off or stuff like that too.

    Looks like if you go to it will take 50% off and then there's this:

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    Thanks everyone. I'll try the groupon link. We're designing the whole thin ourselves probably. FI and I both are pretty design savvy so it should be fine
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    I got mine at Michaels and printed them off at home. They are really pretty! They have kits. And if you use the 40% off coupons, we got 4 boxes (of 30 each?) for less than $100. :)
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    I designed my own invitations and had them printed at a local printer so I could get physical proofs. I paid a little extra to get metallic cardstock and envelopes, but I saved money by making response postcards instead of a separate card and envelope.
    Here's what I paid:
    5"x7" invitation with double sided color print - $75
    3.5"x5" response postcard with double sided color print - $75
    outer envelopes with return address preprinted - $100
    all postage (outer envelope forever stamps and postcard stamps) - $39

    Grand total - $289 for 75 invitations and more postage than I actually needed

    By the way, how many invitations do you think you need for 100 people? I only needed about 55 invitations, but ordered 20 extra just in case. It's way cheaper to order too many up front than to get ten more later.

    Also, if you want to design your own, I strongly recommend using a local printer. The company I worked with was great and let me go through three rounds of proofs at no extra charge. If I had used VistaPrint, my invitations would not have looked like I wanted them to, because the colors on my screen aren't the same as the finished product.

    The people I worked with also cut all my cards post-print so I could have true borderless printing.

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    You really shouldn't need more then 60 invites for 100 people.  I invited 200+ and I only sent out 102.  I got a screaming deal on my invites, but I know the lady.  She has some neat stuff. I think Michaels has some great DIY stuff.,default,sc.html
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: WR: Invitations?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I got mine at Michaels and printed them off at home. They are really pretty! They have kits. And if you use the 40% off coupons, we got 4 boxes (of 30 each?) for less than $100. :)
    Posted by polkadot111[/QUOTE]

    <div>This is exactly what I plan to do. With postage, we should come out at a little over $100 for our invites. </div>
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