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anyone else doing weigh watchers?

How's it going?

I just joined. I'm starving.

Note to self... must pack more free foods.

Re: anyone else doing weigh watchers?

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    I just quit after doing it for 4 months. I lost, gained, lost, gained. I think right now it's 2 lbs less than where I started. I figured, until I know I'll be better at it, I'm not going to spend the money. But it's a great program, and if you are really dedicated, you'll notice a difference quickly!
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    doubleSS07doubleSS07 member
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    I'm not on it (like paying for it) anymore.  I joined in February of 2010 and lost right at 40lbs.  I did it all online because I could never make any of the meetings.  The program works as long as you are honest with yourself about what you are eating and your level of exercise and work the program.  Once I got within 10lbs of my goal I wasn't really budging though so I cancelled my membership and started eating clean.  It helped me get to where I finally wanted to be but its a fairly strict eating plan and I know I could not have followed when I first started losing weight. Good luck it is a good program and you can definitely be successful with it :)

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    lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    Haha...this is a card I got Liv.
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    In Response to <a href="">anyone else doing weigh watchers?</a>:
    [QUOTE]How's it going? I just joined. <strong>I'm starving.</strong> Note to self... must pack more free foods.
    Posted by NurseyK[/QUOTE]

    I actually was the opposite. WW was allotting me MORE points than I was eating..I don't understand how.
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