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Destination Ceremony

My fiance and i are trying to come up with an idea for our ceremony. We want an outside ceremony with trees and greens and all that jazz. We live in Ohio, but had the idea of going to Tennessee to get married in the mountains. We would invite our family and closest friends and have a dinner afterwards. Then he and I would stay the entire following week for our honeymoon... We have a hall booked here in Ohio for October 1st already, so we thought we could come back and have the HUGE reception we are planning... I just don't know though... I think I might care what others think too much... after all, it is our wedding. Thoughts, comments?!

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    We are kicking around this idea, too. My FI is also concerned about what pple will think as well. I could care less. I feel pple will judge no matter what we do, so we might as well do what will make US happy.

    I knew a couple that did exactly what you are suggesting, and the reception once they got home was wonderful! It was very laid back and just a big party...very fun :)

    Good luck!!

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    I have to admit that I'm not a fan.  But then again, I think that the ceremony is the MOST important part of the whole wedding event.

     I feel that if I wasn't important enough to actually be included in the ceremony, I'd decline the reception, which is really nothing more than a party.  And a chance for the couple to get gifts.

    Of course it's your wedding.  Of course you can do what you want.  But I think excluding people from the part that makes the party different than any other party is just inappropriate.
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    My daughter did a similar thing--they ran to a JOP (the wedding planning was getting way too complex, and she needed to get on his medical insurance due to a medical condition, like, yesterday).  So, they had an at home reception a month later, and it was a LOT of fun.  Others may feel like Trix, but almost everyone she invited showed up, and I did all the food.  It was fun and relaxed. 

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    My step-brother and his wife did this many years ago.  Both events were really fun.  The only thing is that I tend to lean towards if you're going to have the wedding and reception/dinner in TN, just skip the big giant reception back in Ohio.  What's the point really of having it?  If you wanted those people there you wouldn't be going to TN.
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    I thnk if your having a ceremony and dinner in TN then you should just invite everyone to that.
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