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Vibes please?! - possible job for yours truly!

So this weekend I got really exciting news. My BF did a show in the town where I'm planning on moving in January and heard from the director about a non-advertised part time sub job opening! He mentioned my name and she told him to have me email her my resume. It's 4 classes a week starting January 10th and going through the spring/summer. This is almost too good to be true so I'm trying to not get my hopes up (not going so well so far...). Here's the description,

How cute is this?:

NEW! The Music Pups ®:

Mixed Age Class for Infants through 4-year-olds

In these fun-filled classes of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play, parents learn how to enrich their child's music environment, increase music potential and understand music development. Each class is 45 minutes long. Families receive a CD and songbook with a broad variety of songs and activities designed to stimulate musical learning. A library of 11 CDs allows your family to enjoy class for almost three years with all new music each session. Mixed age classes are developmentally appropriate and allow siblings to enjoy class together. NOTE: A parent or caregiver must accompany children enrolled in Music Pups®.

Good vibes please! :)

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Re: Vibes please?! - possible job for yours truly!

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