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AW: It's been a great day!

First off, we booked the venue today. Holy Crap! We ended doing October 27th, my birthday because November 3rd wasn't available. It's still an away game. I'm a little bummed, but it will be ok.

Before meeting with our coordinator we walked around downtown and got some really cool purchases. There was this little boutique going out of business that had a bunch of hand painted tiles, art, glass, and other stuff. We got this cool little lantern that was originally $75 for $20. You put a little tealight inside of it.

I also got a pretty new sweaterdress for $30. And then we went in this old record store and bought a couple of awesome albums on Vinyl for like 5 bucks each.

Also, the coordinator gave us a discount on the room rental (I don't know if he did it on purpose, but we didn't want to mention it and have him increase it). So it's been a good day with some awesome finds!
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Re: AW: It's been a great day!

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    Yay for bargains! Gotta love getting a good deal. Those lanterns are gorgeous. They almost look Moroccan or Indian...
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    Oh man... when we officially booked our venue I was on cloud 12 for about a week! I know it's a huge lift off your shoulders. Congratulations!
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    congrats! and hey just think, from now on he better either get you double the gifts for bday and anniversary, or a really awesome big one ;)
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    Congrats! Your wedding is going to be beautiful! :)
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    Congrats! How exciting! It is definitely feels real when you set the date.
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    I think it's cool you're getting married on your birthday. Now your FI can never forget your anniversary...or else.
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    [QUOTE]I think it's cool you're getting married on your birthday. Now your FI can never forget your anniversary...or else.
    Posted by GreenPepperBurger[/QUOTE]

    <div>I know! Now he will be in double trouble if he forgets. Although it will probably work out more to my benefit because I am the one who tends to forget our dating anniversary, etc...</div>
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    When I told my sister, she informed me that she might have Dreadlocks by then. Wonderful. I know I can't tell her what to do or how to look for my wedding, but we are not paying up the wazoo for wedding photos to have her look like a freaking hippie in them. Sigh. I told her that she won't want to look back on these photos in thirty years adn see how stupid she was and she is convinced she won't care. But who knows, she is very impulsive, so hopefully they will never appear =)
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    Have I missed pictures of the venue? (I know, I know...I'm so lamely absent now)
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    I posted pics in a thread yesterday. Here it is ->Clicky

    Since we ended up doing late October, we won't be using the patio.
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