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If anybody else is bored and hanging around...

...Help me shop? 

I think I found my wedding earrings.  I ordered them from overstock and they should be here tomorrow.  If I like them, I'll AW.  So now I'm on the hunt for a bracelet.  I have found several I like, but they're all substantially above my budget.  Anyone want to help?  Yes, you say?

Great.  I want a thick-ish bracelet.  At least at inch thick if not a full cuff.  With some sparke.  CZ or whatever.  If it had sapphires (or fake sapphires, realistically) in it, that would be amazeballs.  If not, no big.

Here are some that I like but can't afford:

Budget:  Under $100 and I would be happy.  Under $60 and I'll send you your very own hand panted initial to hang in your house.  :)


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