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Friday Accountability

B- yogurt with fresh strawberries
l- lentil dahl with rice
s- may be an apple
D- not sure actually probably some pasta with some veggies spinach and mushrooms
S- not sure yet, probably a beer at BF's and hopefully I can get him to get me a cupcake :-)

E- I won't have time for anything other than the quick abs workout for June that I found on pinterest


Re: Friday Accountability

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    B- N/A
    l- Noodles with meat sauce Smart Choice Frozen Dinner
    s- Cheetos
    D- No idea right now - depends on time frame for the pool tournament - people aren't returning my calls
    S- Probably alocoh

    E- I won't have time tonight - Maybe tomorrow after the tournament :(
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    B: Egg white omelette with ham, cheese, & tomatoes
    S: Nothing
    L: Pizza
    S: Banana and/or apple
    D: Burrito bowl

    E: Weights & 40 minutes on the elliptical

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    BF:  homemade wheat bread with whipped butter, egg+egg white
    S:  1 cup watermelon
    L:  grilled chicken breast with grilled veggies, salad with corn and black bean salsa, Ghiradelli dark chocolate square
    S options:  pistachios, peach, nectarine
    D:  not sure, we'll be eating on the road going to pick up H's little bro.
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    B: N/A
    L: Poached salmon, steamed brussels sprouts, quinoa pilaf and a jicama and bay scallops salad (all small portions)
    S: pudding
    D: Skinnytaste rack of lamb with dijon glaze, wilted spinach and garlic, and teeny tiny potatoes with rosemary.
    D: Berries, greek yogurt, and honey.

    E: Rest day.
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    B - bottle of water w/ pink lemonade crystal light
    L - mini triscuits with cheese
    D - ?
    S - nothing. I'm not usually a big "snacker".
    E - ?
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    B: Ham and cheese kolache!
    S: Granola bar
    L: Nothing yet.
    D: No clue...

    E: W2D3 C25K!
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    B- Banana bread
    L- Turkey slices, 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple
    S- Non fat plain greek yogurt with granola
    D- Not sure yet, going to FI's parents house
    S- Granola bar
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    B- Oats and Dark Chocolate Nature Valley Bar

    L- Eeep- Club chicken sandwich from McD's w/ fries and Cherry Frozen Drink

    S- Ate lunch too late for that

    D- Not sure yet- going to visit MOH in NYC, getting in late so dinner will be at whatever restaurant is open

    S- See previous S and insert Dinner instead of L

    E- Walking around the fabulous streets of NYC 
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