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Friday Accountability

B- yogurt, strawberries and tea
L- vegetarian pad thai
S- apple
D- leftover tomato paella
S- wine, hopefully a cupcake

E- may be some just dance


Re: Friday Accountability

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    Speaking of Just Dance, have you heard/seen Gaga lately?
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    I didn't have time for breakfast this morning, so I had to grab something at my desk.

    B: hot chocolate (60) + mixed nuts (170)
    L: steamed veggies with cheese (175) + protein bar (190)
    S: the oatmeal I wanted to eat this morning (160)
    D: not sure yet, probably 500 calories
    Total: 1255.  That leaves about 100 for additional snacking.

    Still not feeling well enough to exercise, but I am definitely starting to feel better.  I can't wait until I am able to go for a run.
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    B: egg on toast (150)
    L: ham and cheese toastie (350)
    S: granola & raisins (200)
    D: I am going to be way under today...and I think we're going to the movies so I'll get something off the healthy menu at Fridays for 600 or so.

    E: something...I've got to do something! This week I have not got my butt in gear.
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    I'm PMSing, but overall this week hasn't been terrible. I think I may actually lose something despite it being my TOM. :)

    B: Overnight oatmeal made with soy milk, blueberries and bananas (can't get enough of this stuff, so yummy and convenient!)
    S: Apple
    L: Not sure yet, maybe some soup
    S: Sea Salt popcorn
    D: Homemade beef tacos
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    B:  2 eggs (140), 1 slice WW toast (60), 1 tsp orange-fig jam (20)
    L:  2 c. Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque (260), spinach salad with 4.5 oz grilled chicken and 1.5 TBS citrus vinaigrette (262), orange (80)
    S:  1 c. frozen mixed berries (70), emergen-C drink (25)
    D:  PEPE'S!  I'm getting my usual plate, 1 huge pork taco (that I divide into 2!), a cheese enchilada, and a couple bites of rice and beans

    E:  walk the dog (approx. -100 cals) and I started a new barre home-workout that is FUN and a KILLER, so I'll do some of that too!
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    B: Fruit cup, tea (I forgot to eat something more substantial)
    L: Chicken kebab (4), salad with feta and vinaigratte (7)
    S: Apple
    D: ST Chicken Pesto Bake (6), side of green beans

    E: Running around the mall and trying to find something to wear tomorrow Yell

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    when is our weigh-in?  I thought it was Fridays!
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    B: strawberry parfait smoothie (380)
    L: I have nothing else in my apartment, so... a bag of chex mix: (300)
    D: No idea yet (about 500 calories)

    S: Some post work moscato: 350
    E: Gym!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Friday Accountability</a>:
    [QUOTE]when is our weigh-in?  I thought it was Fridays!
    Posted by CocoBellaF[/QUOTE]

    <div>I weigh-in for WW and my family's Biggest Loser contest on Saturday so I usually post mine here/Thintopia on Monday. </div>

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Friday Accountability</a>:
    [QUOTE]when is our weigh-in?  I thought it was Fridays!
    Posted by CocoBellaF[/QUOTE]

    I think it is on Mondays now.  But I pretty sure some people are weighing on Saturday (or a different day) and then just reporting that number on Monday. 
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    got it, thanks!
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    Hungover... boo!

    B: one piece of bread (not toasted, nothing on it, just bread).
    S: A coke
    L: A taco and a tostada, another coke
    S: Another coke (see a pattern here?)
    D: Probably a cheeseburger because I cannot get enough grease today

    E: None, but I have a triathlon tomorrow morning. It's a fun one, but will at least still be a little bit of a workout!
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