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Updated Sig (Need Lyn to stop by)

I updated my weight loss ticker. I finally started actually trying, and lost 14lbs...woohoo. I <3 Hot Yoga.

The bad news? I was trying to lose a dress size. Not happening. I compared my measurements to a MS size chart and my bust keeps me in a 16. (Waist and hips put me in a 12.) 

And I added the quote that Lyn made and I 'called' as a sig, but I can't remember exactly what she said! Correct me, Lyn.
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Re: Updated Sig (Need Lyn to stop by)

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    WHoot!!  Wrkn you are bad ass!!! Hot damn girl!!  You rock!
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    Yay! Wonderful!! :)
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    I is here!  I know what you're talking about.  You are really close, it was "we can't live in a 100 mile radius of each other because no place could hold that much awesomeness without exploding" whcih is so TRUE! 

    Congrads on the weight loss!  Think about the svelte curves you'll have!
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    Congrats on the weight loss, Wrkn!  My ticker has been stagnant for way too long.  I wish I could make it jump forward like yours.

    I have the opposite size problem you do.  Feel free to throw some of that boobage my way.
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    I'm starting hot yoga this week (I was going to start on Friday of last week, but what with tornadoes and all that, you know). Does it rock ass as much as I assume it does?

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    Lyn, yeah, that sounds right.

    ah, I think you'll love it. I can't stress how important it is to hydrate. If I don't drink enough water before and after, I get headaches. Remember to pace ourself and go to your most comfortable pose if you feel too hot, light-headed, sick, anything.

    Random noseyness: where do you live in TN? I live about an hour from Nashville. You can PM me if you don't want to say it here.
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    And thanks for the support ladies! 
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    Way to go on the weight loss Wrkn! It's tough work, but i'm glad we're seeing so much success around here lately. If you haven't heard, some of the ladies keeping track on We're already on week 6 of 12, but we'd love to have you join in if you'd like. You just set a goal and then weight in each week (no one can see your weight, just your % change) and see if you're on track. I've found it helpful and motivating!
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