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Rehearsal with officiant or no?

I am torn about figured here was the best place for advice :)
I am not planning on having the officiant attend the rehearsal.  We are UNable to get into the ceremony space the night before the wedding so I was going to compile a quick overview of the ceremony in our hotel lobby with our wedding party.  The ceremony is not complicated, just wanted to match up the couples walking and put them in order and give them a brief description of what they are going to do.  The only time the officiant is actually involved is when I get to the front of the room and she does her shpel. I figured I would just get everyone together myself mainly because the officiant will charge us an extra fee for the rehearsal and it would only take 15minutes and we can't use the ceremony space any way.  Well, now that the day is getting closer (60 days ahhh!!) I am starting to freak a bit and overanalyze everything, and now I am worried that it would be better to have her there.  Please let me know what you think! Thank you :)
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