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Help me find . . . .

Something like these adorable labels!!

I love how it's printed labels but actually looks really nice with the "deliver me to" and "kindly deliver me to."  It looks like maybe they wrap around to the back too, ya think?

Re: Help me find . . . .

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    I bet you could find someone on etsy who would make it for you

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    If you just search "wrap around address labels" you can find a huge selection, and many say something like "please deliver to" or "kindly send to" on them. has a bunch.  I'm sure most other online stationery shops do, too.
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    Well I was able to find ones with OUR address on them - like return address labels.  I was hoping to find them where we could put our guest names on them to mail them out.  So each one would actually have a different address on it.  That seems to be the extra-tough part!
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    Oh those are perfect Liv!!  That way I can make the fonts match our save the dates too!  (yes, I'm totally that matchy font girl when I diy stuff) 
    So next question, what is a sticker machine?  Is that what you did to make the back sticky? 
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    Seriously, you girls have the best ideas!!  I'm thinking of using the Martha address label template and making my own template in photoshop so I can put some extra touches on it.  The STDs don't come until next week so I have some time to play around with stuff and see if I can get it to work out right.  I love a good project!
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    I like the idea of the clear vellum sticky paper!  They come with white envelopes but I ordered 70# kraft paper A2 envelopes to go with them instead.  The clear might work really well with that.
    Font-wise, I thinking of matching it to one of the fonts we used in the save the dates (since I'd be using the labels for that).  It's Mossy from
    It's the font in white with our names and then the font at the bottom.  Bigger picture on the planning bio:  What do you think?

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    I love the banner idea too!!  I think the cutting might get a big labor intensive though unless I can find something perforated or precut. 
    I'm definitely thinking about the stamp idea, ESPECIALLY because I just got an email from Vistaprint for a free product and they have stamps!!  I was originally thinking of putting the guest address on the labels but I don't have to do it that way. 

    I also looked into digital calligraphy but not having great luck finding anything locally.  What do you think about printing the guest addresses directly onto the envelopes myself?  Is that cheesy?  Not sure I'd do it for the actualy invitations but it seems ok for the save the dates since that's more casual anyway.  Then I could just stamp on the back flap.  There are just so many good options!! 
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