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Since I'm apparently incapable of making decisions...

I'm apparently into polls lately. Anyway, some of you have heard me mention we're doing "America" from West Side Story for our Broadway show. Because I love vintage-style dresses, I'm using this as an excuse to buy a new dress. I'm playing Anita, who traditionally wears a purple dress, but I'm torn between four colors.

Dress #1 - Purple

Dress #2 - Eggplant

Dress #3 Bright Red

Dress #4 - Dark Red

Re: Since I'm apparently incapable of making decisions...

  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
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    I voted purple, because that colour is awesome.  But the eggplant is also really nice.  
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  • I voted for the dark red I love the color and I think it would work well for the number.  West Side Story is one of my favorite musicals,  when I did the show America was so much fun. I was a shark.


  • Either of the purples...but I like purple :)
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  • I love the eggplant for everything except a stage (I'm assuming this is occuring on a stage, otherwise, disregard). It's a lovely color, but I don't think it'll shine enough from a distance. So I would vote either the purple or the dark red. I can't pick both though!
  • I love the dark red #4 because it looks very traditional vintage pin-upy but I love #1 too and think it would be a good fit since your character wears purple.

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    I am the oddball & I picked the bright red. I love that dress in that color SO much! My 2nd choice would be the dark red. 

  • I voted for 1 the bright purple, since it's probably closest to the iconic movie dress. Any of these will be great for capturing the look and feel of Anita in that scene... Sounds like a great time!
  • I voted for the purple, but if you dont like it you can send it to me and I'll wear it instead :D Ticker
  • I love the purple dress #1, but the dark red dress was a very close second
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  • I like either the eggplant or the dark red.
  • I voted bright red. I just think the color is gorgeous. My second choice would be the purple. It's summer, so I'm a fan of bright, cheery colors.
  • I voted #1. I like that color! Hopefully it looks the same in person.


  • Thanks ladies! I was originally considering the bright red, but then purple started to grow on me. I like eggplant, but I agree with becunning that it's awfully dark for the stage (especially since it's a black stage).

    Unique Vintage is having a 15% off sale, so I think I shall purchase this weekend.
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