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Help a Girl Out?

bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO
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I am stressing out! This semester one of my required classes is Quantitative Research Methods (Blech!). Our final project is to conduct a research study of our choosing. My project has to do with female gamers. My professor helped me find a valid survey give to participants for my research study (awesome!) but now I don't know where to find participants :(. Basically I need to find a group of females who consider themselves to be gamers to take my survey.

My first idea was to ask people on a message board to help me out. But I'm not so sure about that idea because I'm not confident that asking people to take a survey wouldn't be considered spam.

So if any of you have an idea of where I could find a group of female gamers who would be willing to take this survey for me (it's relatively short) I would be super appreciative!

Re: Help a Girl Out?

  • ravenrayravenray
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    Make an account on LOL-League of Legends.  There are many different people who play and I know quite a few girls who do!    I hope you find the people you are looking for! :)  Or you might be able to contact the producers and see if they can ask people to take your survey?  HTH

     PS. ashley is right.  You can send it to me too!  I should be able to get a few people to take it for you :)

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  • My dbf is a big gamer, he said to try a forum of all female gamers called the fragdolls and the website is fragdolls.com and they have a forum that you may want to try....hope that helps.  He feels so helpful now lol.  I would try to just introduce yourself, even post your abstract for your project and see if they can help.

    His former roommate (who is a female) is also a big gamer but she'll talk your head off and I don't think she knows any other female gamers (maybe on war of the worlds or world of warcraft or whatever that game is)

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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO
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    Buggle - that would be so awesome! I don't need a huge number of responses. About 30-50 is what I'm hoping for and anything helps! I'm still working on finishing transferring the survey onto surveymonkey right now but as soon as I'm done I'll send you the link! You are so awesome!

    ETA: Thanks Ray & Buddysmom! I'll check out those sites :)

  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO
    10000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    Ugh...I just found out the survey I have actually won't work for my project and I have to find a new one. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I will use them it just might take me a day or two to figure everything out.

  • You could use surveymonkey and send the info out through gamer message boards or something?
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  • You could send it to me when you're able :)

  • In Response to Re: Help a Girl Out?:
    Try posting it on reddit.com/r/samplesize -- It's a message board of sorts dedicated entirely to people posting and taking surveys. :]
  • You can send it to be I believe we are friends on FB right? I'll take a survey.


  • I PMed you, Beth.
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