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BM and GM walk alone or together?

So I went and met with the lady running our venue, and was just asking a few questions about where we would all hide before the ceremony and she suggested one area for the guys and one for the girls. And I said, well how are they suppose to walk together if they dont come from the same place?

She said that most people dont have their guys and girls walk together. Is that true? We have uneven sides, so I am thinking it might look better to walk alone rather then have the last girl walking with 2 guys.

Now I'm confused about what to do. How are you ladies having your bridal party walk down the aisle?
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Re: BM and GM walk alone or together?

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    I've been to weddings where the guys all started at the front, came in from behind the alter area, then the ladies walked up the aisle from the back, or some where they walked together, honestly I wouldn't stress too much either way because no one will notice that much either way. The wedding I was in the BM walked up alone then I walked back alone as the MOH because the BM was the grooms dad and he walked out with his wife and the other BM walked out with the GM. 
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    It's up to you.

    We had DH walk out with officiant and then a GM-BM pair process together...we had one more GM than BM, so we just had one set of 3 with a BM in the middle of 2 GMs.  Worked just fine.
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    I have two bridesmaids and a man of honor.   My FI has a best man and two grooms men. 

    We are going to have the best man stand at the alter with FI the entire time (mainly to catch him in case FI faints.....he has a bit of a fear of being in front of people).  My man of honor will walk in alone.  And then the remaining two bridesmaids will walk down the aisle escorted by the two groomsmen.  

    You can really do it any way you want. 
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    I've seen it both ways.  We are having the GM already be up at the front with FI and then have the BM walk alone before me.  Afterwards back down the aisle everyone will pair up.
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    Something to consider:

    I was in a wedding party this summer and I had to link arms with one of the Groom's men.  I didn't know him and it was very awkward.  
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: BM and GM walk alone or together?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I've seen it both ways. Just do what works best!
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    exactly what i was going to say
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