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Annoyance Rant.

I need to vent about Subaru for a second.

I LOVE how customer-service friendly and attentive they are. I get emails, and letters, and phone calls. They are awesome. HOWEVER...

I scheduled an oil change for yesterday, but I couldn't do it - so when I got my confirmation email, there was an option to change it... (this was after I had spent over 10 minutes on hold with them trying to change the appt over the phone)... so I changed it, and got ANOTHER confirmation email with the change.

They just called me, to tell me that I missed my appointment yesterday. NO I FUCKING DIDN'T. I told her I rescheduled.

"Oh, when did you reschedule for?" "Next thursday." "Oh, what time?" "LOOK IN YOUR FUCKING CONFIRMATION COMPUTER NINE FUCKING AM."

End rant.


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Re: Annoyance Rant.

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    I hate stuff like that. It's so frustrating when things don't work like they're supposed to. I'm sure the gal was just flustered...not expecting that you had rescheduled...but it's still frustrating as the customer!
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    Now, I just got an email from some idiot at ESPN, asking for a headshot of our women's basketball coach.

    He asked for the headshot of the coach who hasn't been here for TWO YEARS.

    1. The biggest story about our team is how our new/current coach has turned the program around from where the old coach ran it into the ground.

    I'm seriously going to kill someone today.


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    It's okay, because at this time tomorrow Liv and I will be on our ways to our meeting point to be on our way TO YOU!!! And then everything will be good :) WOoooo!

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