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Kinda excited =) BF and I have talked about our future lots.  We are both very ready to be engaged minus one thing....he is still in college and obviously needs to make some money before he can spend some on a ring.  He has said that if he had the money in college, he would propose now.  (I'm out of college and working)  We had talked about this next winter getting engaged and that seemed like an awesome timeline to me.  He would be established with his job and would have been able to save some and all that jazz. 


This week he let slip that he has "tricks up his sleeve."

Obviously I was intrigued and asked told him that he can't say that and then expect me not to ask any questions.  He let slip that there might be a family ring coming his direction.  He's not 100% sure he is going to get it tho since there are a few male cousins in his family and it's a grandparent's or something like that.  I didn't ask anything else bc I didn't want to know anything else.  I didn't think he would even let that much slip!

He will be moving in with me in July and I know his mom will be more comfortable with us living together if we were engaged...he said that if he gets this ring he will be proposing a lot sooner than the winter.  I'm thinking it will be before he moves in since he loves making his mom happy  Laughing

and my spring break officially started today!! (reminder...I'm a teacher) so all of this makes today a very good day!

sorry that was so long!

Re: Kinda excited =)

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    Very exciting! Question. How long are you planning on being engaged?
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    Well, we want to get married in the warmer like May/June.  We have talked about that.  Neither of us really have a strong preference as to how long the engagement should be...I just want to make sure there is enough time to plan everything.  We was thinking that a year would be a good length for us.  If he waits until the winter months to pop the question, then it might end up being a year and a half.  That's something that we agreed to discuss again after he has proposed. 
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    Just curious. I hope it works out well for you!
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