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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Ceremony/Reception in the Same Room

Is anyone doing this...Or has anyone done this? We only have one room. We aren't having a religious ceremony, and our wedding is December 18. So after searching and searching, we decided to have our guests seated at their reception tables...We'd make an aisle through the tables....And we'll get married right there in the room.

I've HEARD that this has been done before, but I've never seen pictures. I'd love to see pics of a previously done wedding so I know whether or not this will work or just go terribly wrong. I only have 54 days left, too!

Re: Ceremony/Reception in the Same Room

  • Note: There is nowhere to move the guests to set up a ceremony and then bring the tables in during cocktail hour. That's important, because that's most people's solution.

  • Right. I thought of that...And another concern is centerpieces being in the way.

    To address these issues...These are my only thoughts- And I'm looking for more ideas so feel free to throw them out there!

    I've considered facing all chairs the same direction around the table, so that guests come in and are seating facing the "front". I haven't seen it in action though. The guy with his back to the table might feel awkward.

    I initially ordered LARGE centerpieces...About 3ft high. I've considered ordering HALF of the tables with those and half much smaller but themed the same. During the ceremony, I considered lining the aisle with the larger centerpieces and then having the florist put them on their tables after the ceremony is over.

    I don't want TOO much movement. Thats the problem. People moving chairs and giant centerpieces is interrupting. I want this thing to flow.

    Crisis? Possibly.
  • I would nix the large centerpieces and choose lower ones that people can easily see over.  I wouldn't worry too much about people having their backs to the tables; it's clearly for the ceremony, so they're not going to feel that awkward.

    We did ours all in the same room, but it was a lounge setup, so we didn't really have to worry too much about rearranging the furniture.  We recessed out into the hallway, took a couple of pictures right outside, and were announced into the reception.  It all flowed quite nicely.
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  • Can you get the chairs set up all facing one way?  I think it could be beautiful with full low centerpieces and lots of candles... Any chance the venue can put off setting the tables until after cocktail hour?   and please don't serve alcohol before the wedding...I was at one wedding like that and it was sooooo nasty tacky.

  • My mom had her second wedding in our backyard. She had all of the tables underneath a tent and walked down an aisle in the middle of the table setup. Everyone just turned to watch and didn't really have a problem with seeing. 

  • Ditto amanda. Thanks girls, your advice is greatly appreciated!
  • I'm having my ceremony and reception in the same room and faced this issue.  I decided in order to avoid this I wouldn't invite everyone to the ceremony.  This made the space wer're using for the ceremony much smaller so everything will be set up prior.  They'll have to move about 50 chairs instead of setting up everything.
  • This is what we're planning.  I have to actually go look at the space again, but I think we'll have enough room to eat on one end and do the ceremony on the other.  It's a repeat for both of us, so we're going relatively small (under 30)
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  • I am doing the ceremony/reception in one room and have it floorplan'd for 240 guests. I am planning low centerpieces and will setup the tables with the chairs all facing towards the front so as to encourage and let people know they should face the area where we will be standing.  I can email you the floorplan I created in PowerPoint if you think it will help you. Just email me - [email protected]
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