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I'm ready to scream!!


Re: I'm ready to scream!!

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    mcnallziemcnallzie member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: I'm ready to scream!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: I'm ready to scream!! : Because I said it concerned me? Don't worry I'll consider your advice and really take it to heart... You're a doll.
    Posted by luvdncn90[/QUOTE]

    Glad to help :)
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    heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:136Discussion:d6ece409-a0dd-43fa-b379-3d3672f46270Post:ef4d39ff-9fec-4eb8-a065-4735288c93c9">Re: I'm ready to scream!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hey everyone! I'm a lurker, and I decided to make an account so I could reply to this. I always seem to notice you all getting worried/concerned/annoyed at what other Knotters call themselves and their SO. For examply, heyimbren, what does it matter to you if she stays consistant with her terms? It doesn't in any way concern you or interrupt your life. And luvdcn90, do you have a problem with eloping? Really, I'm just wondering. If a couple is in love, and they decide to elope, do you look down on it? This is to you mocking her "running to the courthouse to get married". Maybe I read it wrong.
    Posted by mcnallzie[/QUOTE]

    As I already said, I don't care personally. But when it comes to this board, I think it is worth discussing. I'm not worried or concerned or annoyed. It doesn't personally affect my life, however, when someone posts on this board I am going to point it out. Like I said, she could be engaged without a ring, or else maybe she needs to slow down a little bit. Because that's a good way to maintain a healthy relationship.
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    calindicalindi member
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    Ugh, I've seen SO much about Moms going overboard!  Just lurk on the Moms & Maids board a bit and you'll see a few Moms that are certifiable!

    Our plan is to write out our own "must have" guest list (separated into my family, his family, my friends, his friends, our friends).  His family gets 1/3 the seats, my family gets 1/3, and our friends get 1/3 (which is split into 3rds, also - mine, his, ours).  After we do a list with our own "must haves" then we'll turn it over to our Moms.  Like, "Mom, our side gets 65 seats.  I've already marked down the ones that are important to me that they're there, that means you have 20 seats left.  Please let me know who you'd like to invite for those 20 seats."  Fingers crossed, but it seems from the Moms & Maids board that this is the best strategy to avoid overeager Moms who stack the guest list with randoms you've never met!

    We already have my side, our friends, and his Mom is working on their family now.  So far, so good!



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    caitlin.cavecaitlin.cave member
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    As I'm not engaged yet, I've never planned a wedding, but my mom definitely did that for my graduation openhouse a few years ago.  She invited like 250 people (and it was in our back yard).  All afternoon, I was having to explain tactfully to people that no, I'm sorry, I didn't remember them because the last time they visited I was 8 weeks old. lol.

    Kind of terrified to fight this battle over the wedding someday. haha
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