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Any Weird Inside Joke/ Couple Quirks You have?

Sooo, I'm really bored. Anyone want to share cute, quirky things the do with their SO?
My BF and  sometimes get wierd looks in public because we call each other "Bass" and "Catfish." This is because he makes a pouty face and screws his face up in such a way that it makes him look like a bass. The catfish? Apparently I have a really big mouth like a catfish. 
We also randomly shout "Megalodon NOOOOOOM" and "Biting Sperm Whale!" and pretend to bite each other's shoulder's (we watch waaaay too much Discover/Nat. Geo).
When we don't agree on food, such as, I love tomoatoes and haaaate bacon, and he's just the opposite, we say "separate fridges." Apparently, we've come to a descision that since our palates don't agrees/ I make him eat vegetables, when we get married we're having separate friges. (I worry for his health. No man should be able to eat 2 tripples,2 orders of fries, and a shake from Steak'n'Shake in one sitting and live. No one.)
No, I am not at all shocked by the weird looks we get.
So, what do you guys do?

Re: Any Weird Inside Joke/ Couple Quirks You have?

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    Hi, my name is nursey. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
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    lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    OH MY GAWD. You hate bacon?!!

    Just kidding...I want shun you. ;)
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    anythinggoldanythinggold member
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    So many! Yesterday we chased each other around a street sign because he walked on a different side of it than I did (you can't "split poles -- it's bad luck). 

    It's not really an inside joke or quirk but the plate of them reminded me -- we have a tradition where we eat eat cinnamon rolls every Sunday. We did it for a while and didn't fight, so we decided that it was the magic cure. If we don't remember to get cinnamon rolls during the week we have to run around Sunday morning figuring out how to get them. 

    There's an episode of The Office where Dwight is trying to get Angela back, and he says something to her, then says "also I love you". We say that to each other a lot, and found a print on Etsy that says "Hello Also I Love You. It's hanging so it's the first thing you see when you walk into our house. 
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    duckymonkeyduckymonkey member
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    I'm not sure if this qualifies... but the BF and I alwayssssss (and I mean ALWAYS) have to hold hands!  Embarassed 

    I know... it's cheesy and maybe even a little weird... but we're so used to it, it's more of an involuntary reflex now. I mean, we let go to eat and if we need our hands for anything else... but if we're in the car or walking or just sitting somewhere, we hold hands...

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    jemmini6jemmini6 member
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    We have a lot of inside jokes that reference shows we watch.  I think the one that would probably garner the most dirty looks is saying "Hey...woman...get yo bitch ass in the kitchen and make me some pie" (from South Park - Cartman of course).  But we both say this to each other, I just change it to say 'man'.  LOL.
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    motoLynmotoLyn member
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    FI taught me how to say I want to bite you in Danish.  So sometimes in public I'll repeat this to him and he usually will offer me his arm to bite.  I won't do it in the middle of a public street but I will still do it if it is just a few strangers.  Also I might yell out piranha attack!  Then commence the biting. 
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