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Small Rant...sorry in advance!!


Re: Small Rant...sorry in advance!!

  • Just putting in my two cents here.

    To address your original rant, I felt the EXACT same way. I love my fiancé. He is a very traditional type of guy, and I would have never taken away his right of asking.

    After we had been dating about 6 months, he started talking about wedding stuff all the time. Not just to me, but to his brother too. It started really getting on my nerves because I had made a commitment to myself not to even open a wedding magazine until I had a ring, and here he was making all these plans before he even popped the question. When we had been dating for over a year I got a little antsy for him to get the show on the road.

    The best thing I did was to sit down and talk to him about it, because that is when I found out that despite all his talking about a wedding, he was raised to think that you should never even start seriously considering marriage until you have dated a year. So after we talked about it I knew that he was saving up for a ring and that I wasn't waiting in vein. It was just a matter of us having different expectations.

    We have never been the type of couple to not bring something up because you are "not supposed to talk about it." This helped me let go of my control issues and let him do what he wanted.

    I would sit down and flat out ask what his plans are, not in some abstract "some day" answer either. Ask him for concrete plans. It will make you feel much better. I know it did me!
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