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Bittersweet day

Today I got the call from my new job that everyhting came back so I will start Monday at my new position at the Marriott Hotel. I had not told my current employer just in case something happened ( I overworry and overananalyze everything..) , so today I went down in person to tell my assistant manager and other co workers and managers and to hand in my written notice. I started nearly crying because this job really saw something in me even when I was so frustrated and angry..I knew I had made relationships with them. They even threw me a bridal shower which floored me in everyone's generosity.

Friday will be my last day - and that means I actually have the ENTIRE WEEKEND off with my husband before I start my new job - which will be great! I'm just very excited to start this new chapter in my career and want to publically thank everyone - whether they see this or not , for all their continued support. Hope everyone is doing well :)
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