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Ceremony and Vow Ideas


Is it ideal to have a different theme at the reception than the wedding?? I am having a beach wedding, but I want a country themed receptiion with mason jars with white and light brown vintage areas?

Re: Themes.

  • What are you decorating at your ceremony with? I don't generally see a lot of decor at beach weddings, so I don't see why the country decor for your reception wouldn't work.

  • Im a decorating the beach with seashells, and startfish, and sand dollars, candles, and like tiki lights.
  • As a guest I think I might be thrown off at first,but more than likely I wouldn't even notice that there was a theme for the ceremony. Just go with what you like, I'm sure it will all be beautiful GL
  • I think that's totally fine.  How you want to decorate is totally your choice.  I might be a little confused if you had a winter wonderland in July, but what you have is great.

  • Agree with PP's: you're good to go.  I might consider, if I were you, finding some way to tie the two together (colors, ribbon, maybe?) to make it more connected...but even if you don't, I think you're fine.

    Also, I love the country-style theme...I'm mixing a bit of that in, myself.
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