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more then one walking me down the isle

hey everyone, just looking for some advice/input. I want to have my uncle and my step father walk me down the isle. My uncle was there for me all through childhood and still is very much so. My mom got remarried when I was ten and my step father has supported me finacially up until marriage. My step dad isn't a fan of having two people walk me down the isle. I told him its not his decision and its my wedding day, I wouldn't feel right not having my uncle walk me down the isle and feel my stepdad should have a part too. My thoughts are that if my step dad is that against it then he doesn't have to participate in my special day. Thoughts as to how I should go about this? Thanks! I've already asked my uncle and he said yes and my step dad said no if my uncle is going to walk me down the isle as well. Not fair I have to choose!!!
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