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Ceremony Location!!

I would LOOVE to have an outdoor weeding however I do not know if it will be possible, I havent found anythin I like yet so... Neither my fiance or I ( our families do not live near us) belong to a church, how do we go about finding a ceremony location??? I dont even know where to start when it comes to a church!! Please help????

Re: Ceremony Location!!

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    When I was looking for locations I discovered that many reception venues will also do the ceremony as well, you just need to provide the officiant.  Just start calling reception venues that interest you and see if they have ceremony option as well.
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    Check with your reception venue.  Many now have facilities/provisions for an outdoor ceremony.  My DD had her ceremony and reception at a golf country club.  Ceremony was outdoors and reception indoors.

    Try googling outdoor wedding ceremonies in your location.  See what comes up.

    As for the church:  if you don't have some kind of tie to the church, and/or believe in the tenets of the church, they won't let you use their building as a backdrop for your ceremony.  Most churches understandably, want to know that your desire is a Christian ceremony, as opposed to simply using their facility.

    Good luck.  My DD's outdoor wedding was gorgeous and the venue was well equipped to provide a wonderful outdoor setting.
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    I agree with the above. You have to be a member of a church to get married there. Many reception venues do have ceremony provisions. I have seen posted here some people claim that they are having a quick ceremony in a park or some other public place. You would have to check out with these places to see if it is allowed.
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    As PP's said, there are lots of reception venues that will also host a ceremony. This is what I'm looking for, and am looking at places that offer an outdoor option, but also have a room inside, in case the weather does not cooperate.
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    When I got married, I wanted to get married in a church but had just moved and did not belong to one.  I simply drove around until I found one that I liked and then I had to join the church (it was a Catholic church I dont know if others require you to join). But, inside weddings don't have to be at a church. So I would first decide if you want a church wedding if not then check out country clubs, hotels, museums 
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