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Altar Decoration Ideas

I'm getting married in a church that doesn't have a large altar. The only ones actually on the platform will be me, my FI and the 2 pastors performing our ceremony. I don't like arches and I'm not a really big fan of the columns with greenery on top...but so far this is the best idea I can come up with. We're having a "vintage" feel for the reception where we're mixing and matching old silver and pink glass trays and such that my family has (our colors are a blush pink and dark gray).

Does anyone have other ideas for the altar besides the usual arch and columns with flowers?

Re: Altar Decoration Ideas

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    We're doing unity sand, so we'll have that, plus 2 candle stands, and 1 large floral arrangement.  The lady doing our flowers is doing the floral arrangement, and she's mixing mostly fake flowers with some real ones plus some live greenery. 
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    perhaps just some tulle and white lights? make something simple in the background
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    A couple of large flower arrangements or candelabras?  I'm not a fan of arches either.  Sometimes less is better.  Will the church have banners or any linens hanging that will help add something?
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    I think we're looking at using an urn with flowers on either side, kind of like this:

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    Thanks guys! Your ideas were great! I went shopping this weekend and found an awesome black iron stand that has lanterns (looks prettier than I can describe it) and I bought the battery operated candles that flicker and look real so put insde. Can't wait to see how it looks!
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