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G2G, Canada Stylz

So today (as mentioned in the 'random' thread) Kaitlyn & I met up. It's actually really sad that it's taken us this long, since we've lived in the same city for 6 months now! She is really sweet, fun & awesome, and there was Nutella involved, so really it was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

We met up for crêpes, she had Nutella & I had Nutella w/banana. We didn't take any pictures at the restaurant, but believe me, they were delicious. Then we decided we should find a hedgie in some form in honour of Earl, since we both agreed that we would steal him if given the opportunity. Sadly we couldn't find a pet store, or a stuffed animal of a hedgie, so we went with chocolate hedgies. :D

(hooray for cell phone pictures in the train station - I'm sure people thought we were nuts!)

(PS - hi Meg! I saw your message to send a hug *hug back*)
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Re: G2G, Canada Stylz

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    After refreshing about 10 times, I can see the OP!  Yay!!

    Nutella crepes are SO good.  I'm officially hooked.  

    We actually went up four levels of a store attempting to find a stuffed hedgie in honour of Earl, but there wasn't anything even close.  The mall we were in clearly hated children as there was one store that sold stuffed animals.  But...chocolate hedgies were super delicious.  Liv - we clearly love Earl :P

    I also had an awesome time!!  Sopchick is so sweet, I was very sad when I had to leave.  I loved chatting in person finally. Can't wait to do it again!!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: G2G, Canada Stylz</a>:
    [QUOTE]A) You girls are absolutely adorable and I am super jealous of your G2G. B) I am also jealous of your crepes. With Nutella. NOM. C) HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YOU FOUND CHOCOLATE HEDGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST HAVE ONE.
    Posted by LivLeighton[/QUOTE]

    <div>We found them at Purdy's (I think that's what it was called?).  The next time I'm near one I will get you some and send them to you!!!</div>
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    Ugh, so I guess it did post the other one eventually, haha. Liv, they were from Purdy's, and like Kaitlyn said, we will send you some!
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